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Individual coaching, group coaching, webinars and packages for caring employers

Examples of my services are outlined below.  I also offer bespoke services, so please don't hesitate to contact me for a no-strings chat about your specific needs.

/// Individual coaching

Trouble staying out of debt?  Spending more than you can afford?  Planning a major life change?

Or are you just a bit lost when it comes to money decisions, and wondering how everyone else seems to know what they're doing?

Contact me for a no-strings chat.

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/// Group Coaching

I understand: one-to-one coaching to face your financial demons can be scary.

As a gentle introduction, I offer group coaching, online or in person.  You could get together with a group of friends or colleagues, or attend one of my online webinars.  Contact me to discuss your options.


/// Nurture your employees

If you're an employer looking to provide a perk that your employees will really thank you for, consider a personal finance group coaching event.  Anything from a couple of hours to a day or more, I can offer training sessions, drop-ins for individuals, or a bespoke webinar programme if you have multiple locations.

Contact me with your requirements and I will design a quote for you.

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